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Anxiety about my girlfriend and i’s future

My last anxiety attack was on a sunday morning after a dream about my dying and and how id have to leave everyone without notice. Its thursday morning right now and yesterday i got some news from my stepdad that he was thinking about moving back to north carolina, in a year, i live in florida. Immediately j was overcome with a sadness and thoughts raced in my mind questioning what would happen with my girlfriend and i. We have been on and off for over 2 years, but we got together again a little over 5 months ago and have been really strong since then. I've really matured since the first time weve dated and i know that 5 months is short but i can really see me and this girl having a future, she makes me happy and helps me through tough times. I have really strong feelings for her. Again its thursday morning and im at school typing this. Im again, questioning my future with her and get overcome with sadness and can only think negative thoughts and worse outcomes. Any advice?

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