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Cracks my sanity

Every few years I have an onset of extreme and protracted panic. This is not just a standard anxiety attack, (which i have had since childhood). This is a mental state of such intense and persistent anxiety (lasting weeks or months) that it cracks my sanity. It creates a deep cognitive stupor that unravels my ability to make even the simplest decisions.

The last one was 2011. I literally hid petrified with dread in my darken bedroom for 3 weeks in mortal peril. Typically this state is ignited by real events. The details are only significant in that they trigger issues around home and work stability, which have long plagued me.

My only coping mechanism is to hide totally receding from the world. The igniting factors of this episode will be a reality for at least few months.

I have no idea how to get relief. I cant sleep at night so I either pass out during the day (putting my job in jeopardy) or walk around in an anxiety filled haze trying to hide my terror.

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are you on meds, therapy?...if not may be something to consider...helped me, but it's a personal choice.


I got off depression meds in 2009 and ran out of funds for therapy in 2011 can’t really afford therapy now so just white knuckling it at this point

Tx for your suggestions


God that makes me sad, this f'in country spends half it's budget on bombs, saying it's for the good of the country, but the country's middle and lesser so called class can't afford healthcare or medication. This is not political, it's common scene. How is it not for the good of the country to take care of the basic needs of it's people over spending billions elsewhere in the world.

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It’s clear mental illness has manifested throughout our current government

This reality has exponential increased mental illness throughout our population.

It feels like a 1970s dystopian disaster film directed by Dario Argento with an angery orange homunculus villain who eats the brains of his zombie disciples


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