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hi everyone i just wanted to know did your anxiety and depression get better? it just feels like im getting better for like 2 days and then everything gets worse for weeks and I always have SOME days where I feel happy but it’s just so hard I don’t wanna deal with this anymore and I hate talking about my problems to therapists and stuff because it just gives me more anxiety for some odd reason. Did it get better for you guys if so what did you do to help yourself

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Not cured, not gone. But when I made the decision this absolutely horrible chronic panic was not going to rule my life, they slowly starting subsiding.

Worked for me...


I think in time you learn how to handle it better when and if it does come on.

I’m having some pretty good days, and once in awhile some bad ones.

I read in a book that acceptance is key to overcoming anxiety. I have quite a few things I’ve had to accept these last few years. At first I wasn’t having any of the changes, and my anxiety never eased. Now it’s starting to get better.

If there is anything in your life that you are having a hard time accepting then try and work on that. Try and look at the positive side of the situation whatever that may be.

I hope this helps, and I hope you get better real soon.

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