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Can't take it anymore


Things are starting to get harder and harder for me and i'm about to jump off the deep end. i don't like my career, i'm feeling more and more lonely by the minute. it's to the point where i just don't tell anyone anything anymore, because i feel like a bother. i feel annoying, like i annoy myself. i'm stuck at home with a broken foot and people at this job are still demanding things from me and it's like i can only do but so much sitting on my couch. i want to uproot and i just want to go away.

i keep thinking this dark feeling will subside, but it never does sadly.

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Self talk is very powerful. We must avoid saying any exaggerations and negative thoughts to ourselves. Perception becomes reality. Edit the story to match what you want, and you just may get it.

I totally relate to this. It's hard to talk to friends & family sometimes when people don't understand, or they're far away, or you feel like you keep bothering them...

Please don't stop talking, if you continue typing your feelings here you will feel better. Get those negative emotions out by writing in the post, talking to people, I bet there are some to will listen! And we are here for you. I do agree with gerg, self-talk is powerful, can you say something positive? Have you considered therapy? I LOVE my therapist and I actually enjoy going to see her, she helps me stay on track. Also, I LOVE this website because I can speak safely among people who have similar struggles.

Please hold on.

I have actually. I had a therapist but I didn’t like her so I stopped going to her. And I broke my foot before I could try another, but I definitely am going to try again

Great, get another one! Keep trying, don't give up. Do they offer over the phone counseling that you could do now while you have a broken foot?

I had have the same issues. I had foot surgery and had to be out of work and emails and questions are never ending.

I don't know what you job situation is, but if you are on short-term disability you are not supposed to be working, it can get you and the company in a lot of trouble. I found that out when I had a kidney transplant and was working, big time no no.

I hope you heal quickly and find a career you enjoy more!!

What kind of work do you do? Perhaps online or a new therapist can help you define what you do like and don;t like about it. Would you believe if you are in the USA, a good many people do not like their jobs?

I totally believe that. I do international marketing

You sound very talented.

I totally understand, you are never alone even though anxiety and depression make it seem that way. Maybe try calling a friend to get your mind off of things! Take some vitamins or even sit outside to get some nice fresh air for 10 minutes. Try meditating. Everything will be okay eventually it may not seem that way now but I promise you will make it through this and it will get better. Also keep telling yourself you will get better and you will be happy again and eventually it will happen! Positive self talk is key!

I know the feeling. Feels like im out off control. Everything is too much. I have lost my life, the only thing I still do is breathing.

Me too...

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