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Heavy heart

Today, while getting ready for work. My Mom decided to talk to me. She told me in a high pitch voice that why am I not talking to her? And told her that when I try talking to her she won’t answer me or she’ll just nod. And it gives me heaviness. Then she told me that she’s just doing what I am doing to her..

I don’t understand it anymore.

All the bad stuffs it kept on coming to me. :( my heart feels so heavy.

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Oh I'm so sorry you are hurting! I don't understand the situation, I was always right there for my kids, yet some aren't too good back! Stay strong my friend, try to think of something that makes you smile, perhaps ....perfume, candles, music, I don't know just trying to help you! Sending you a big hug!!! XXX


write he a heartfelt letter and pop it in the post.

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I’m so sorry for you. Maybe you can just say, “mom I realize we have not been communicating good lately. I’m sorry for my part in that. Can we make a fresh start and work on that because I love you mom.” It doesn’t have to be those exact words but resentment quickly turns into a viscous cycle. She won’t talk nice with you because you won’t talk nice with her and vice verse so it never ends. Please understand I do not at all think that you are at fault. Sometimes it isn’t anyone’s fault. Trust me I have been with my husband for 18 years and we are spinning that circle of resentment hard! It’s not a good way to live. I’m contemplating leaving my marriage that had such a base of love. Your mother will always be your mother. You will need her and vice verse even though at times you won’t admit it. I have years of experience as a daughter and a mother. A grandma as well. Break the cycle. If that takes you being the bigger person to break that cycle it’s so wirth it. My sons have not spoken to me before. Not long term. Exploring their independence or being rebellious etc. As a mom I know the pain she seems to be feeling. She may not have realized what she was doing. As moms we aren’t perfect. As much as we’d like to wish we were. If my suggestion would be hard just say okay mom. I hate not communicating. How about setting a time to do that. You can also take time to think about what you want to say and how. Make notes. Even write a letter and have her read it prior to the talk or during. I truly hope you can work things out. As old as I am my mom is my best friend. I still call her all the time for everything. Best of luck!


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