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Weird feeling in back of head

Hey everyone so I keep getting this really weird feeling in the back of my head like right under my skull or even on the skull and I would itch it but the feeling doesn’t go away even when I do? It’s like a burning sensation that kind of tickles? If that makes sense it doesn’t really hurt BUT ITS SO IRRITATING! Like I literally cannot stand it anymore, you would think it would go away in seconds but I get it as long as 10 minutes or longer if I’m so focused on what the hell it is!!! is this normal? I’m afraid I have a tumour or something I had an MRI done months ago and everything was fine but I only got one because of a’s kind of like a buzzing feeling too, it’s a bit hard to describe but that’s the best way I can describe it! HAS ANYONE HAD THIS? I feel like I’m so obsessed with thinking about it!! I think this could be apart of my OCD too when I get the feeling. How do you get this to go away!? I hate it so much

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you are ok, honestly. yes weird head things happen all the time. it will calm down when you do. really tension causes all these things.

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Do you take B vitamins- what you are describing sounds like something people experience from niacin, a niacin flush. Have you started any new meds or changed doses? Could be a side effect.


Does vitamin b cause it or something?


Yes specifically Niacin, it is vitamin B3. Do you take that, or did you start any meds or change dosages? I am getting something similar from Effexor.


I take some vitamins but I don’t think that is the same thing you’re talking about. Whenever I get irritable or sensitive to things it triggers the tickle feeling in my neck and it drives me up the wall


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