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Okay so lately I have missed a lot of days from school but my school knows what I am going through such as mental health issues & being ill. But every time I come back in school everyone asks where I’ve been and why I’m never there anymore, it makes me feel ashamed. I know they care but I hate being asked that all the time because I already feel bad enough for missing time from school, it just feels like every week I miss a school cannot fail me by law! It’s only as long as I keep up with my work. Just agh I don’t know how to stop feeling bad about missing time. Like I know a few people that miss a lot of time & don’t really get questioned for it but it really sucks being asked that all the time even after I tell them... how do I not feel so bad about this?

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you have to own it, in other words... you suffer from anxiety. you will not be alone, so many young people are caught up with this. the increase statistically is unbelievable. you could say 'I suffer with anxiety, working on it and I'm glad that I could come in today. thanks for asking.' you have nothing to be ashamed of and can only benefit from being straight with friends. there could very well be another pupil who is suffering in silence. you could also approach your year head or lead teacher to ask is there any possibility of a talk on anxiety/mental health issues for young people. various organizations are prepared to come into schools to talk about issues and provide information.

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Why are you ashamed because you have to miss school because of illness? Is it the nature of the illness you are ashamed about?

I know it can be a pain to be continuously asked but at least people care. It would be a lot worse if no one asked and no one cared. If anyone asks you where you have been just say you have been ill but are better now. It's no one else's business except yours after all.

Just because others ask doesn't mean you have to tell them anything. You could always make it into a joke and say they are going to sack you for being ill or something. That would deflect attention from you and put others at ease. x

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