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Anxiety due to spicy food😟

I got home from the gym... started eating a chicken salad and noticed that the dressing was very spicy and i had not even finished eating when all of a sudden i feel the anxiety coming like a train. I'm usually very in control but something about the spice caused me to have this reaction. I know that this is just my body producing too much adrenaline for no reason but you feel so hopeless and out of control so I feel your pain, literally. I have this issue where my feet start sweating uncontrollably and that makes me so uncomfortable. I know because my foot starts sliding (inside my flip flops) from my feet because they are so sweaty which doesn't help at all and feels disgusting. Believe it or not music does help. Also going on the site and writing also helps sooo much. It takes your mind away from the anxiety/ panic attack issue. Feel better and know that your not alone.

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That’s really interesting, thank you, I have never related food to anxiety but it makes sense, thank you, x

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That really is so interesting! Thank you for sharing! I winder if you have a reaction to other strong flavours too like strong mustard or horse radish/wasabi? these flavours don't linger around like chilli does and they are not known to trigger sweating.


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