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My Heart Is Aching

I’m back again after a while. I still feel suicidal and depressed. Today is my down day. I feel as though there is no reason to live. My girlfriend hasn’t been able to talk for a while since she’s in a personal situation (we’re long distance) & my mother is still being stupid about her ex. All of this is giving me anxiety & making me feel unloved. I hate my life. My heart legitimately HURTS. I’ve been laying in bed all day feeling mentally & physically ill. I need help. I haven’t been to therapy since Dec & I’m missing it so much. My next appt is coming up soon but it couldn’t come soon enough. I hate everything & everyone. I don’t like life at all right now.

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Hang in there. Anxiety Sucks. When I'm on the good side of it I'm happy, on the bar side, jeez, I can't even recall how the good side feels. I'm holding on to the fact that the good comes back


I hear you my friend but life is not yours to take, it’s just a stream we are swimming in. No one controls the flow, you just control the effort you put into swimming.

Write an old fashioned diary, one that will utilize all you hand muscles rather than just thumb and then read it after a day. You’ll see the difference


Sorry hope you feel better soon. Maybe you could call and see if you could see someone sooner. This low point will.pass try to push through.


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