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Self-awareness and reading yourself

So, I'm sitting here in my in-laws' sitting room, and I have no patience right now. I'm hungry because I've been fasting, and I'm tired because I've been caring for my sick daughter all afternoon, and my son is being really needy too, and there is so much noise and I can't take it. I came upstairs now to the bedroom and it's even quieter, and I'm starting to feel better, but I just need a few minutes to chill and be alone in peace. Ugh, they sound like a bunch of chickens squabbling down there... I want peace, but it's hard to obtain that AND be around my in laws at the same time. People can be so high-strung because there are so many type A personalities, and dinner was supposed to be ready an hour ago, and it feels like everyone is biting each other's heads off. Stressful, non-peaceful environments, fasting, and the like do not help my anxiety. I realized that I was feeling stressed, and so I ran and did what I needed to do. I'm feeling calmer now.

The reason I posted this is to illustrate that as one with depression/anxiety, it's important to be self-aware, and to read your feelings and emotions and take care of yourself. If your heart is racing, and you know it, run and find a safe place. If you're depressed, and you know it, tell someone you trust. If you don't have those kinds of relationships, where you can trust, then by all means tell someone on this app. Above all, take care of yourself, so that you can be well and enjoy life. After all, isn't that our purpose in life? To find joy? Such joy can only begin to be found when we allow peace and not chaos to permeate our lives. May God bless you all.

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Are you sure fasting is a good idea in your situation trying to deal with various things and it certainly can't be helping your depression!

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Yes, I'm sure. Although it takes its toll physically, spiritually I receive great benefits.


and eat something...


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