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Giving up

I’m a 16 year old boy. I’ve lived a very typical and very boring life. Over the past year I’ve slipped into heavy depression. Nothing really dramatic or huge happened, but I feel like the negativity in my life continued to build up. I often fantasize over the concept of suicide because I feel like it will put a end to my over thinking. All I do is think and then create new negative thoughts in my life which destroys my self esteem and desire for life. My mind seems to always be racing and my body always seems stuck and dragged down. I’ve tried spirituality and I feel all it does it make myself feel more self insecure, like I’m a freak with all these small issues and can’t enjoy my life. It’s hard to really explain but I hope joining this app can help me seek comfort and help from those also dealing with depression.

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I noticed you mentioned "nothing really dramatic or huge" and "small issues". I hope you don't feel like you have to minimize the issues that might be causing your depression or that your issues aren't as bad as others'. I can really relate; but what I've noticed is when I do that, it just makes me feel worse. The fact is, regardless of what the issues are, they are leading to very sad and unfortunate emotions. And you have the right to feel these emotions.

For me right now, I can't really narrow down anything in particular that's been making me feel so depressed. 99% of the time, I feel very down. I can't feel happiness. I can't even remember what happiness feels like. I know I've been happy a lot before, but if someone asked me to name a happy memory, my mind would go blank, because I don't have access to that emotion, so I can't identify any memories linked to it.

I hope you can find something that helps. One problem I have is I a very distorted outlook on my experiences. The thing that has helped me most is that I go to a therapist whose method is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. I need to be better about scheduling appointments with her often enough, because I always come away with a completely different perspective on whatever issues have been making me feel so depressed, and it improves my emotional state.

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Hey :) Everything is going to be okay, and of course you might be thinking that its easier for me to say that rather then knowing it. The thing is depression unfortunately is natural. I know how hard life can be living with depression, How it can make you feel and it seems as though life isn't much fun and worth living, and i too thought this at the age of 16. I wish someone had told me that i didn't need to be "fixed" in two months time and that its okay to take your time to do what you need, nobody should rush you. It is never your fault for feeling this way!.

Even if it doesn't seem like it right now this feeling wont last forever. Take pride in the little victories, because little victories lead to big ones, You got out of bed today? that deserves a inner self high five!

Your not crazy or weak, your not alone in feeling like this, your not wrong for feeling the way you do and no one blames you for it. i understand its outside your control and its tough, keep your head up!

Some days will be harder then others and you'll have set backs but just remember that a new day can lead to new possibilities.

Go make a good cuppa! and drinking it outside OR go take a long stroll just to clear your mind, Do something can can relax your mind.

Just do you best you can because that is enough. You are enough. You are worth to live a life you love. You are Amazing!

Dont forget to Stay Strong!

Wishing you all the best! and hope you feel better real soon :)


Hey agorges,

You are lucky and smart to come here and reach out! This place is filled with people who can understand your feelings. Depression is tough. Like the other people who responded to you, I have (and do) also wrestle with depression in my life, so I understand how it feels.

It can feel overwhelming, and the little "negative things" are like stones that can add up.

I hope you read this and will think about some advice from someone who has been there too...

First, if you are really thinking of suicide seriously... go find someone to hang out with. I mean it! OR Call a suicide talk line on the phone... talk to someone. Just having another person to talk to can help IMMENSELY to make all of this a bit less intense. Don't be afraid to admit how you feel to whoever you talk to. Be totally honest. I promise you it'll help.

I was there once. I found a friend and told them I needed them to be with me because I was feeling suicidal. It probably saved my life. All they did was hang out with me, but that was enough at that moment.

Second, suicide is not a great answer to most problems. Why? Because it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It may not feel that way, but emotions have a way of fooling us. I'll try to explain...

Our brain is made of many parts. You can google this stuff to learn more than I'm telling here. The part that deals with emotions is called the Limbic System. This part of our brain is there to guard us from physical danger. Depression can trick this part of our brain into feeling like there is actually danger (it's why we feel so bad) and why we think we have to do *something* about it. In fact, you are not in danger, but your body feels and reacts like it. It's why you could feel shaky, or kinda scared, etc...

The reality is that this is just our brain kinda going off on its own. Thing is, these brain patterns can be calmed down and you can feel better. Then you can work on some of those "negative things" that have been piling on, and start to change the whole cycle.

Try this.. and you might not believe me, but try it... see if you can accept how you feel. Don't try to change it... just accept it. You feel really bad, so just accept that you feel really bad. Maybe cry. Don't try to "not feel bad". I know that may sound crazy, but sometimes fully accepting how we're feeling and not trying to change it can diffuse the limbic stuff and make you feel better. Also, try to give it a name. Like come up with a couple words that describe how you are feeling, and say them out loud. Give yourself permission to feel this way by saying how you feel. it may seem silly but there is a reason... when you do this, you force a different part of your brain to work, and it takes the spotlight off the Limbic System.

Third, once you are more calm... It's worth finding someone to talk to about the "little negative things" that have been adding up for you. Being in HS is tricky stuff and there is so much crap going on. Sometimes we don't even know that stuff is piling up for us, but it is. If it's easier for you, talk about stuff here. Post stuff and I promise a lot of people here will respond, because many of us (all ages) have experienced this, or ARE experiencing it. If you are feeling at all self conscious, you can DM people here too, if they are talking about stuff you can relate to. Most important thing is to talk about this.

Once you feel OK talking about it here a bit, the VERY BEST thing you can do is find someone you can talk to in person. Ideally someone like a school counselor or teacher you trust. Someone who can listen to you and help you figure some of this out. Little bits of stress can come from school, family, friends, and (especially) Social Media! It can add up. Talking to someone and being totally open and honest with how you feel may seem scary and embarrassing to you, but everyone sometime in their life feels stuff that freaks them out. It's completely normal. I'm an adult and a professional and still I can get freaked out.

Hope some of this helps you, and please do post here again and let us know how you are doing. We all want to know and want to offer a hand in any way we can. You are in good company here! :-)


Hi Agorges

My son is the same age as you.

We didn't know he was suffering so much until he acted on his suicidal thoughts. Thankfully he didn't complete.

He isn't able to talk about his feelings (to us or anyone else) so we don't know why he feels like he does. We live in a calm and stable family without much drama too, maybe a bit boring even, it's possible that he may not know either what led him to feel this way either.

It must be very confusing and exhausting for you.

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in feeling like this. And also that it is temporary, you won't always feel this way, even if you can't believe that at the moment. That's just the depression acting like a blindfold and tricking you.

Now that we're aware that our son is depressed we're trying everything we possibly can to get him the right support.

He's been on an antidepressant now for 8 weeks (since he made a second attempt) and we've slowly seen the changes in him.

From being very withdrawn he's started to spend a little more time with us, just to watch a film or a tv program together is a big step at the moment.

I've seen his smile and heard his laugh these last 2 weeks, and he is starting to enjoy food a bit more after having zero appetite.

We love him so much we'd do anything to help him. He didn't or couldn't see that before. We nearly lost him twice. I don't think he fully realises how many people would be bereft if he weren't here any more.

You've touched my heart. I'm glad you've found this forum.

Please reach out to someone in real life to help you get support too.

If they're not helpful try someone else until someone will listen.

Thinking of you.


Please don't give up, I'm a mom , and to hear this breaks my heart, I'm hoping you have parents or someone in your family who can listen and get you help. I know you said church didn't help but I'm thinking it was the wrong church for you, in our youth group , we have teens with real problems like you do and they bond and help one another with no judgement only love . I pray you will seek help and force yourself to get out everyday and try and do at least one thing that makes you smile . You are worth it.


You write well, a fact heightened by your awareness of 'over thinking'. Depression need not be reactive, something that occurs in reaction to an event, an experience, but can appear for no reason. The fact that you have insight into your illness (depression is an illness) and the fact that you are 16 are factors which will be advantageous to you. Maybe you would benefit from some sort of talking therapy which can be arranged through your GP. Life is short and to live it with such a huge burden of blackness colouring everything is essentially a waste of a life you both desire and deserve. Make an appointment to see your GP and be perfectly frank with s/him. These days GPs are better versed in mental health issues and can be helpful. I wish you well, my friend.



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