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The Other Way

In Spanish I would be called a burro if I told people that I don't know how to quit being stubborn. Yeah I guess I am motivated but in the wrong way. For a good while now it feels as if my life is on pause. LIKE I cant shake the feeling that I am not growing as a person. Maybe it's because I'm repeating the same dumb set of coded instructions that my pea brain AKA my ego forces me to follow. Like an outdated computer hardware from the early 90s. Today I had an epiphany. What if I go the other way? The way they don't want me to go. The way my ego fears? 🤔🐒

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Try to replace some of those negative thoughts with positive thoughts, just try and focus on those positive for a while. I sure do hope this helps you! My computer is ancient but it's okay because it still works. Best Wishes for you!


Become a "Guerrero" and you will find your way :)


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