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I am not allowed to be honest and objective about what helps me through my depression and anxiety, so I will no longer be posting in this community. I have been censured because I am open about my faith and so the First Amendment has no room here. I am deeply offended about this, and since I am not allowed to honestly offer what works for me in this community, I will be moving on.

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What did you say if you don't mind me asking?..

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If its in regards God..Then Im with you...I've had depression for all my life..God got me through this up to now and will to the end..God helped me and I say it incase it may help others too..Im not Bible bashing nor am I a devotee but the five cents i give to God has saved me..so just like you, I want to save others and this is my experience..If I jump off a cliff, will others do the same ? No, theyve got a mind of their own so , .take it or leave it re God..or my advice..Im with you..and I'm glad you shared your experience..and I wish you all the best..Hope your still on here..

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