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Hi my name is jerry and i'm new to this site. I'm not really sure what to expect but here it goes. I've been dealing with depression for the last 8 years and i'm at a point where i don't want to hide it anymore. I live a pretty isolated life. I pretty much go to work and go home and i just cant seem to enjoy things the way i used to. I recently decided to seek professional help and will be starting therapy soon. I'm trying this because i want to be able to open up to people again and be able to make real connections again. Sharing is really hard for me. There are probably only 2 people that even know i struggle with depression. A lot of times though i feel like theres nobody that really knows me. If anyone's been through this or is going through this i'd like to hear from you.

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Welcome to the group. Hopefully you can share here and it might help you open up to those you care about. I spent most of my teenage years depressed and anxious, but grew up with a parent that said it was all in my head and that I should never tell anyone. My mom still tells me I shouldn't tell people, but I try to be open about it for the most part. I mean I don't tell strangers at the grocery store, but people I work with know the basics of my struggle and my friends know the more in depth version. If/when you start opening up don't be surprised if you get a lot of unsolicited advice (i.e. you should exercise, are you eating right, think positively, it can't be that bad, etc). I find that people who don't have what we all have don't understand, but it doesn't mean they don't mean well and try to be supportive. Just try to forgive the stupid things they might say and know it comes from a place of caring. I hope you find this site helpful. I've only been on here 2 days and I can already feel a connection with so many people and I feel much less alone.


I have been through this I hid my depression since I was 14 when my mom passed and look at me now I’m fighting anxiety I wished I would have found a counselor a lot sooner but trust me once you start going and let it out you will feel amazing and not only are you letting t put the counselor will help you through it all just take a deep breath and don’t be ashamed 😊YOU GOT THIS!


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