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Coping with an adult child with anxiety and depression

I am new here, I struggle with anxiety and depression and currently am dealing with a great deal of stress related family issues. Our daughter has been in and out of inpatient facilities the past year and was doing well up until a couple weeks ago. she is very suicidal again, depression back, anxiety at an all time high. We just do not know what to do anymore, I am trying to set boundaries for myself and taking care of myself but it is so very hard. I feel helpless, scared and less hopeful every day.

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Hi Sending love...This is how I feel right now so I understand...My son has Autism and has bad bouts of depression but refuses to see a Dr...Self care has been a problem too...I think we get so worried and stressed out about our children..even though their adults..that we have no energy left to help ourselves..and its at these times we need to look after ourselves even more!!!!....its a vicious cycle...Is your daughter on meds? if so..she might need them changed....I'm here if u need to chat remember...lot of people out there in a similar situation....xx


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