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HI Everyone, i'm new here and i'm trying this out.

The day after thanksgiving i woke up feeling really weird. Ever since that day, things changed in my head. I have this cloudy foggy feeling and my vision has changed where things look more blurry. I went to the Dr, got a blood test for my yearly check up and other than my blood sugar and cholesterol being a bit high everything was normal. I have started talking with a therapist about what's going on. He thinks it's anxiety related. Something like this has never happened to me before and it's completely new. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms related to Anxiety for almost two months straight like i am? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. i'm not sure what's causing this and i'm trying to figure it out.

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Yes it sounds like anxiety to me . I had those Dame symptoms and more I found out in therapy I was really stressed out and things in the past were bothering me.


Thanks, it's a really terrible feeling. How long did this go on for you? I'm pretty stressed with work and family. What things did you do to overcome it?


Yes its a horrible feeling. I was seeing therapist for months and was put on anti depressants and anti anxiety med. I didn't think I was stressed out but therapy revealed that I was and brought up all kinds of things that really bothered me and I kept them all bottled inside. Once I opened up to the therapist and admitted openly that I was hurt and cried out loud about it I slowly got over it and started feeling better.therapy takes time to work and you have to be honest and not be scared or embarrasses about what you feel.

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