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Stand still

Through a friend i ended up meeting a attractive young lady. We messaged back n forth the entire night each i shared some of my poetry and seemed to like it. I brought her lunch to her job we ended up talking more she came to see me at my afternoon job we talked more and walked the track. When i got off she took me to a spot on the beach to talk and hangout we talked for hours it was a good feeling. It felt good to have the company of someone who actually wanted it. But today i woke up missing my wife the divorce isnt finalized yet and still want my family back. Alot of things were said on both sides family members on both sides gave their opinion. Things will be the way it is. But i still want my family back. I just wish she would go talk to somebody with me.. 10yrs is a long time miscommunication, past experiences, insecurities killed us.

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I think nothing is wrong with friends treat the new woman as such because you will not be able to give her 100% since your still trying to heal from the divorce and who knows she might understand more than you think 😊


I like her alot but if it was up to me i would have my family back


So maybe just focus on a friendship for now have you tried counseling with you wife


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