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Another bad night

I am still in the bad panic and anxious mood havent been to bed to scared to go to sleep can’t stop this crying and jittery feelings I am four days into my new meds so I know it’s early days but I feel so low and find it harder to even move from my chair without feeling jittery and nervous I am trying to read Dr Weeks book but I can’t concentrate on the pages,any one had this feeling and how long does it last thank you my Dear Friends xx

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I have had these feelings for many years. I get better when I am on my medication cocktail of Klonopin and Cymbalta. I have recently had to change doctors so I am not medicated...its been rough.


Hi nerves of butter sorry you’re going through this transition . Oh how I know how it feels not to be on your meds. Why did u have to stop your meds bc you changed docs? They can’t give u a prescription as well? And I am a new cymbalta user, best med I’ve ever been on.☮️❤️


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