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Has anybody used probiotic yogurt?

After finishing antibiotics in mid November my gut is still all over the place. It may be due to anxiety and lack of appetite, who knows.

I did ty probiotic pills but after a course of these I thought I would try the probiotic yogurt, not least because I actually found something I liked the taste of. I am on my third daily pot and seem to be suffering with cramps etc

Has anybody experienced similar, did they persevere?

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I have learned not all probiotics are the same. You need to take ones that are good for your gut. i have been taking Garden of Life 30 billion probiotic. It was recommended by a nutritionist and it seems to work. She claims that not all are what they seem and some dont even have what they say in the bottle. According to her, gut health does relate to good mental health.


Thank you. Good advice.


Hi! This sounds very similar to what my 6 year old daughter experienced. She had a stomach bug and after finishing antibiotics she was constantly having cramps for half a year. We didn't know what was wrong. She had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done lots of bloodwork. Nothing was ruled out. I started changing her diet. Less pizza and fast food and more soup oatmeal fluids. Lots of yogurt because of the probiotics kefir and it went away!! Oh and I started giving her probiotic supplements. All that seemed to help. She was prescribed omeprozole which helps with any kind of stomach issue. Maybe see if your doc can prescribe if for you. Diet is a big factor! I always say antibiotics seem to do more harm than good 😠


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