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Anxiety & Depression update

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are feeling ok. As you all know I started working about 1 1/2 month ago. Since then I’ve had a few spurts of anxiety here and there but nothing too overwhelming. I have not consistently took my medication, I take it whenever I feel anxious which I know is not how I’m supposed to take my medication but I honestly feel so occupied that I forget to take it. I still have some physical symptoms which annoy and irritate me but I feel a lot stronger mentally.

Has anyone had any issues while taking their medicine randomly?

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I haven't had any issues when I took my pills randomly. I saw it as like a placebo effect where just knowing I took it caused me to feel better.

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They do have an accumulative effect so not taking them as prescribed could mean they are less effective. I would try and take them every day regardless of how you feel. x

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Hi levymaria just curious what kind of physical symptoms do you feel? I get so tensed and worried that I feel my neck tightened up up to my temples. Went to get a massage and he said I was super tight. I m so stressed I feel tingle feeling in my face and that puts me in a worse panic mode.



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