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Am I having anxiety attack or just terrible homesick

Im an i ternational student doing my masters degree in New york. I’ve been here for 5 months already. Since my first day here i’ve been experiencing constant panic attack and worry due to changing of environemnt and culture. After 3 months the anxiety getting better but i still experience it from time to time it just that it was not as bad as before. I’ve been crying a lot and when the anxiety happen i can’t do anything and have the urge to move and can’t stay still. Because of this problem my husband decided to come and spend time with me during my winter break. He is here with me but he will go back to my country in 2 weeks time. Eventhough 2 weeks seem a long time but i already feel sad about his departure. I cried almost everyday and i woke up in the morning with a racing heart beat worrying if i might experience the panic attack again. To be honest, what i experienced the first 3 months i was here is not pleasent at all and i really really dont wanna experience that again even for a couple of mins. Im not sure if im having anxiety or just a terrible homesick.

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Have you sen a therapist. Most colleges in the US offer mental health programs, and I don't think there is any charge. It is difficult to get used to a new environment, especially where you may feel alone & isolated. Talk to a mental health counselor at your school. You can probably do this almost immediately - ie. tomorrow. Best.

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Yes i did. I’ve talked to my therapist for a few times. She taught me the breathing technique and how to deal with anxiety. It helps but when the anxiety comes it just feel too overwhelmed for me. And normally i just take a walk or call my friends or my family to ease the attack. But since the time zone is different and its winter now so it make it more difficult for me to deal with it.


Hello, I know the feeling a emigrated 53 years ago by myself. As b1b1b1 suggests go and get help, I know it is available, and do not take it as a sign of weakness You are doing a brave thing to come and study in the US by yourself. Have you looked around so see if there are any more students from your country? Maybe you could start a little group for other lonely students - just a thought. I send you strength, please, love and hugs. Sprinkle 1


Thanks you sprinkle 1. Yes i met few of students from my country and hang out sometimes but the fact that we are not leaving together so i still feel lonely when im home. I do have 3 other roomates from different countries and they are lovely, it just that most of the time they prefer to stay in their room and mind their own business. I can’t help myself from being lonely


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