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I feel like I've lost my way

Last year was one of the hardest years I've ever been through, I mean where do I start. I lost my nan in January just before my 19th birthday this really hurt as she was one of the only people that kept me connected to my dads side of the family, I also lost my uncle in the the middle of the year an then had a miscarriage in December, this truly made me feel worthless and I couldn't give me and my boyfriend what we had gotten our hopes up for, I have tried so hard to keep it together I just can't take it no more, I can't sleep I don't want to eat I don't want to leave the house. My relationship with my boyfriend is suffering because of it and my relationship with my mum isn't good but she suffers from depression, so I have to be there for her As I'm the oldest, I just don't know what to do I don't want to let everyone down I hVs already let my self down😓 I feel like I'm loosing my mind

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Oh dear! You have had a very painful year!!! I am so very sorry....

Have you spoken to a Dr. or counselor? Can you lean on a trusted friend.

Not eating and feeling you are losing your mind are classic anxiety/depression symptoms, and you have a pile of pain that triggered it!!! Please call a help line and/or make and Apt come Monday to get the proper diagnosis and help!

Take care of YOU! TrY to eat or drink meal replacements as the vitamins will help your brain and body to think/function more clearly. Keep a good sleep/awake schedule. Try to get some fresh air every day! Exercise-even just a walk daily! Be with others who make you feel good.

But most importantly, seek help!

God Bless,

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I really haven't been to the the doctors since as I have been to scared, I've just been trying so hard to deal with it my self, but obviously it hasn't been working I just always try and be everybody else support system. I am definitely going to book a doctors appointment because I hate more than anything feeling this low and thank you so much this means a lot it really does x


I am happy to hear you are willing to talk to a Dr at least. Yay for you being willing to do the very best for YOU! You can only ever help others IF you are okay, healed and at peace.

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