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Ok i haven't being out or done anything for my self since i was 25 . I dont have any ture friends or family well no support team. My life is my son dogs and BILLS. So my little sister txt me to ask to go out celebrity my crock head sister bday lol same sisters that call me stuck up because i pay my bills lol.

I a very down to earth person but if i feel any negative energy around me i can be the mean B****that you ever seen. So it a group thing but i look stand off because im not happy with my self or my looks . I think that when my anixty kick in wondering what others see me as

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Can you commit to going for one hour? No pressure to do anything but go for an hour? If you don’t want to go to a club could you tell your sister that you would love to go out with her but invite her to go out for dinner instead? Thank her for the invite but that you would love to have dinner and talk - something you can’t really do in some place loud.


Yeah but they dont listen to me until they want somthing im the stuck up outcast. I wss going to try and get out as time past by and more and more reach on first time homebuyer have really stressed me out .i just want to take a hotbath and have a glass of wine set up and look at movies with my little king that sound better then put on a fake face. I give her bday card or something


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