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New Here, Hi!

Hi, all!

I’ve been struggling a lot with my anxiety and depression this last year. I just started a new job that has a lot of pressure. So my anxiety is ramping up and I’m over analyzing everything I do.

I’m here looking for support and clearer perspectives than my own. I don’t have a lot of in person support right now. My sweet husband is my only support and it’s wearinf in him. My therapist is pretty good - she offers a lot of goal based remedies that take me out of my head, but she is hard to get in touch with - considering going back to another person I used years ago who was awesome but less about doing things and more about talking. I wish I could afford them both!

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Does your insurance pay for the therapies ? Maybe you can see both if it does. I know how you feel. I don't tell anyone how I really feel and I have yet to tell my doctor although I'm working up the courage to do so and ask for help. Working with anxiety is really hard I wish I can tell you coping methods but I struggle as well when I leave the house in general.

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My insurance does cover my therapist but I still have to pay a co-pay. $20 each visit starts to stack up.

I hate my anxiety. I catastrophize any situation until I’m sick. My previous job had no challenges. Even though my boss was a narcissist it was a safe unchallenging job. Soul sucking job. This new job has so much that I want to do and it will be challenging. But all that challenge isn’t safe. New boss, new person to forgive out - I suck at reading people. It’s definitely stressful.


I understand. Anxiety makes it more challenging for you. Hang in there you will never know until you try. This might end up being one of the best jobs you have had and he/she might end up being one of the best bosses you have ever had

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