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Very sad and do not know what to do with relationship

I have been In a relationship for two years to someone that I knew were not really compatible but she is a very good person and cares a lot about me. But due to the differences, we have our ups and downs. I am at a point that I think if I want to be completely happy, I should move forward but I cant because I really do not want to hurt her. It will also not be easy for me to let go and I am afraid that stress could bring back some anxiety issues I have had in the pass. I could really use someone to talk to about this and give advice.

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Hi secret1agentman, a brake up is never easy you will probably be sad for a bit being that you care so much for her. But sometimes it's better not to drag out something that you know is inevitable. If you truly feel in your heart that she is not the one for you and you feel like you can be happier if you are not In a relationship with her, it's better to let go now before more time passes and feelings grow even stronger. Sit down and have a mature adult conversation with her and tell her how you feel. Yes she will be hurt, but the sooner the better if that's how you feel . About the anxiety you can't think like that you have to tell yourself you will be strong no matter what.

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