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New to site

Hello all! New to site...lived w anxiety and stress my whole life it seems. Will spare the details for now...always thinking negative and worse case. Even w job, great job but always worried about losing job. Divorced several years ago, a good thing but cost a lot of money older teenagers that are never around...anyway just searching for answers. Would be nice t live happy and enjoy life vs stressing about life ALL the time.

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Hi, I have also suffered with anxiety and depression my whole life. Of course for many years I didn’t know it was depression. I had a terrible childhood with an alcoholic father. I blamed him for years and finally forgave him after he died. I tried therapy at different times and meds but I believe it all depends on you. Have you tried meditation or counseling? I use meditation and it does relax me. Being around people helps me to. Remember, we are stronger than we think. Everyone is struggling about something

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Thanks! No not tried meds or counseling. Yes, we are some days better than others.


I’m the same. New job that could be really awesome but I “think” I’ve already screwed it up. Sigh.

I wish I could just enjoy it and not constantly worry about having to need it. My previous job was just a means to an end. They paid me, it wasn’t challenging at all. But I wasn’t moving forward at all. This new job is using all of my background. I’m so worried about screwing up that it’s become not just a great chance to do what I love but a must have. I have to have any job and if I screw it up I’m going to be in a lot of trouble financially.


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