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Medication works!

Hey everyone! So, I just want to give a testimonial about how medication really does help. I have been taking medication for over a year now for depression and anxiety, but I haven't consciously noticed the immediate effectiveness and wonders they can do, until yesterday. I take a medication for my anxiety twice a day. Well, yesterday at about 5:00 in the afternoon, I started getting really irritable and impatient with my sweet kids, trying to get them dinner while at the same time trying to clean the house. I had just about had it with them, and so I called my wife for reinforcements. Then, at 6:30, my alarm went off to take my evening dose of anxiety medication, so I did. Then I realized something: my impatience with my kids wasn't just because of them being needy, or because of me being tired. I am 98% sure that I became irritable because my morning dose of anxiety medication had worn off, whereas it had been working up through about 5:00. Lightbulb! I just want to be a witness that medication for anxiety and depression really can work. If you are doubting whether meds work, I can tell you that I believe they really do! Keep going, and hang in there! Find the medication that is right for you, and then stick with it religiously! It really does work!

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Hi I am pleased your meds are working for you. They do help the majority of people but some are treatment resistant and they don't always work for them. Onwards and upwards x


I'm so happy for you! I don't always take my the right way and when I do , it sure makes a huge improvement!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!


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