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A liitle sad of hubby work stuff

So how do any of you deal when your spouse doesn't get to take much time off of work? My husband is a great worker. Not a workaholic but his family business finds him needing to micro manage his people a lot. My bro in law that works there takes time off but my husband will get home later than usual tonight because he had new years off as well as took a "half day" on Tues because I asked him to since kids were back to school Wed. He got Christmas day off and took only 1 other day that week. Now he's playing catch up this week and he starts his new school semester on Tuesday so it's sad to me that he's off school for this last Thurs. And he'll be home late from work. While he's in school he works full time and classes tues thur nights to 930 or so. Only 2 semesters left of his 2 year mba program but it's been rough on our family of 6. He has like 400+ hrs od pto. I'm Hispanic and very loving, need lots of affection and my family doesn't live near by and his family is not the close,loving relationship types.

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My husband also works a lot. I work at a library and have weird hours so it seems that we are sometimes two ships passing in the night. Fortunately, I am a pretty self reliant person. One thing we do is leave little notes for one another. It's a tactile reminder of the other. Perhaps that would help?


I leave notes. But he has so much on his plate I feel put on the back burner a lot. We do a date night couple days a month but I also have a lot on my plate and he only had enough for so much. We've had some time on his holiday break and have communicated more than ever recently, hopefully that will keep going once he's back into school.


I hope it does as well! In the meantime, do you have any hobbies? Sometimes I like to do things that would be boring for him if we did them together (i.e. Crocheting, writing, reading).

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