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So done

It's only the 4th day of this year and I am so done with it already. Woke up severely depressed on new years and can't shake the feeling.

Nothing to look forward to. Still alone in my little place. Everyone have life's of their own. I feel out of place when I do try to go to church or visit people.

I rather just stick to my new routine. Go to work and when I get home have a sleeping tablet while I cry myself to sleep. I just prefer to be sleeping and not thinking about anything till the next day.

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I sympathize with you. I too have been in a funk I can’t get out of. Spent all day sleeping yesterday and slept so much i got a headache. Even with a headache I just want to sleep today too. At least you are going to work and getting out. Good for you. Congratulate yourself for that. And you still try and get out of your comfort zone. At least you are trying and hopefully it’ll get better soon. You have friends here. You are not alone.


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