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Anxiety depression and ptsd on the fritz

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Ugh I’m so not good tonight. After a panic attack and now I feel like I’m working myself up again. This is nonsense but why am I fixated??


I emailed a friend today telling them that I miss them. I wondered why we hadn’t talked...really quite some time. I’m so anxious now. It made me feel better for a little bit and lighter that I had stuck up for myself, but now I feel so silly and stupid and annoying and dumb.

He’s not going to respond and I ruined our friendship and now if I go to places where he is, it’s going to be awkward. Did I just lose a friend? I don’t know why this happened. Did I make it all up or did I do something to end it? Or did he just want to use me until he found another girl. One who wasn’t just his friend. So now maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore.

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I do a lot of mind reading too that exacerbates my anxiety. Maybe he's busy or out of town. Did you have a disagreement?


Do not go making up facts that are not proven. Maybe he'll answer maybe he won't, just get busy and see if he does, he may be busy. Do not put up a mole hill and go mountain climbing over it. If you see him somewhere, smile and say hello. And go on about your business. do Not call yourself names, you are a good woman, lovable and warm. Hang onto your good worth and go about enjoying your life. You are unfortunate to have panic attacks, do you have any med's to help you deal with them? If not talk to your Dr.Remember I/we here believe in you, so You believe in You. We send you Love and Big Hugs. Sprinkle 1

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