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I need help

I’m 19 years old and i have a 1 month old son. My baby’s father doesn’t help out or do anything for our child. I have a boyfriend but he’s not always present and ignores my feelings at times. I also have a friend of 8 years that i love as well and i don’t know what to do. I’m always sad and it’s to the point my heart physically hurts. I’m always sad and go days without eating for not having an appetite, idk why but I’m just so lost and sad

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Sounds like your suffering with postnatal depression hon u should go and see a doc first of all . And second you are also young like i was when i had my first child and it can get overwhelming feels like no one understands and ur friends who have no kids dont bother anymore . Go to babies clubs meet new mums and try socialise abit more x u are neva alone im always here if u need a chat take care of ur self x


I agree with Sophs82 sounds like postpartum depression, it's very common that new mom's get this depression, and your tough situating adds more stress to you. It is very important that you go to the doctor and tell them how you feel and all your symptoms, they can give you pointers on how to cope and even refer you to one of their therapist. As far as your boyfriend try telling him how he makes you feel and how depressed you feel. If he can't understand then maybe take a break for now. Caring for your baby and your mental health are more important right now. You need support from those that are close to you,


It's hard to feel sad all the time when you have a baby to take care of. I'm so sorry you are going through this, have you gone for your 6 week check up yet with your dr? If not when you go tell your dr you don't feel like yourself and don't have the support you thought you would have. If you have already gone for your 6 week check up, or if it seems too far away to wait, you can call the drs office and ask to speak to the nurse for your dr, tell her how you are feeling and ask her for help.

Usually the hospital you gave birth at will have a new moms support group that you can bring your baby to, they might also have a postpartum blues or postpartum depression support group as well. I have attended both of these types of groups and found them helpful postpartum. I have also had to take medications to help me in the postpartum time period, they are helpful too. Keep reaching out and please let us know how you are doing


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