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I'm New here

I am here looking for help with my Anxiety and Phobia. I am extremely afraid of driving cars. I am used to riding scooters but when it comes to driving a 4 wheeler, I panic. Something about being inside a car and driving it destroys my confidence. I am afraid to drive on multiple lane roads, and that is not even a highway. I panic when i have to change lanes. I have never been in an accident before. I have not witnessed any accident directly. Why am I so afraid?

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I'm in the same boat except the scooter part. I'd be terrified of riding a scooter more than a car! I'm afraid I'd screw up switching a lane or taking a turn too fast. The highway is a nightmare I have yet to go on. My way of trying to get over it is driving in a multiple lane road a few times a day so I get used to it. From here on you can only go up!


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