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Hi I am just wondering if anyone has ant advice If suffers from the same as me I would love to hear how others cope. I have really bad anxiety panic attacks depression and a crippling fear of being alone. My husband gave up work because I couldn’t go out alone or even stay in our home alone but it seems to be getting worse I constantly need another person to be here also as like a back up if something happens which obviously isn’t always realistic everyone is so worried about me and as am I I have two beautiful children a amazing husband and family around me and I just don’t know what to do I go to the doctors all the time I’ve tried different medication and had cbt my doctor had referred me to see a physiatrist but I have to wait 3 months for the appitoment.

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Dolphin i have spent about 8 years alone it was a slow process over a couple of years..

I was much the same i just needed someone who cared the worst part was it seemed no one did...

Count your lucky stars that people do care for you and be honest about how you feel..

I suffer physical pain most of the time and mental pain made life so hard..

I just got out and got help and did what i could to keep busy regular visits to the gp helped and phoning free councillors also helped..

My life is slowly turning the corner and i joined a gym figuring a sound body and being around people may help and god knows the fear i over came just to get to that stage..

Anyway good luck and just hang in there...


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