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I'm getting anxious about starting a new job.


I was excited about starting a new job But now I'm not. Now I'm just thinking of the 100 things that might go wrong. Specially because I'm supposed to dress nice and i stopped buying nice clothes because I have a self-esteem problem. I'm getting this nervous feeling.

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It's hard not to think negatively isn't it after the thrill of a new job settles in?. I want you to remember this. You were chosen for the job. You were selected because they liked you. These two alone are positive so try and remember them. What you wear? Just be you...wear something comfortable then you aren't stressing about pulling a top down or whatever it is ppl do!. Getting a new job is scary...who you will meet etc and it's one thing many ppl can understand. Take some deep breaths before you make any decision and use a positive affirmation like a mantra to lift your confidence. For example "I can do it....i got this" often this can work on the brain to change your thought process. Not always but has been successful many times. When I went back to work following years away with agoraphobia...i was just like you. My team i had worked with for years prior to this but I was still feeling very alone and out of my depth. What shall I wear yes was one of them so I chose what I knew was comfy and as the days passed it wasn't an issue anymore and it won't be for you. The prep is always more frightening than the job itself. Our minds work overtime and we get ourselves into a state. You will be fab...you will be. Just don't forget the breathing. It will help. You don't need a Good Luck as i truly believe you'll smash it. Take Care. Janie.

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Your words are amazing!! Thank you for telling me that.

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Very very welcome...youll be fab. If you can...please let me know how you get on. J 😊

Hello, Do not do it to yourself. No self beatings allowed. Look thru your clothes and sort out something suitable for work. Or if you can afford it, the sales are on, go and buy something.Get your excitement back. You are a clever and competent person, relax. Other people will be doing there jobs and not paying attention to you. We know you can do it, so you know you can do it. It is only a job. We will be with you in spirit so call on us if any doubt pops in your mind. Yes the new job is here and you will be able to buy things you want and need, how exciting!!! I send you courage, confidence, Love and Big Hugs. Sprinkle 1

I send that too. They must be impressed or you would not have been offered the job.

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