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Mental health day event with talks and creative arts n music.

Hi. I recently joined this site. Been affected by anxiety and depression for years.

I'm currently planning to run mental health day event in London combining different interests. Am looking for volunteers and interested participants to help with this. This is due to my personal issues and want to do something actively inspiring and beneficial to others. If you would like more information or be involved in this please get in touch with me.

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I think its really positive that i am looking to create own projects like mental health event combining different interests. It is good as it is stimulating, gives me challenge to work towards, is self empowering and enables me to show my strengths and develop skills and connect with different people.


i still have issues to address but i know what can help.


Good for you in wanting to put together a Mental Health Day event that will benefit others in the community as well as empower yourself in taking this much needed subject into your own hands.

I did 3 community events on Mitral Valve Prolapse years ago. I knew there was a correlation between MVP, Anxiety & Fibromyalgia. I went to the largest teaching hospitals in Chicago and spoke with doctors who agreed to be a part of the panel. I had a Cardiologist, Rheumatologist and a Psychiatrist. There was time for questions and answers after the meeting. There was so much response that the hospital coordinator had to tell me they reached their max in seating. :)

I wish you a great response to your event as well. It is much needed. xx


Thanks. I want to combine creative arts, music, mindfulness and environmental interests. It is an exciting and meaningful project.

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I believe in what you are doing. I only wish I could be there. Much success xx


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