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Hello all, I have suffered from anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse for my whole life. I currently take phenibut and baclofen for my anxiety. I am not using street drugs anymore and have not for years. I do drink alcohol every night of my life except nights I am at work. I think I would actually be able to function feeling well with the mix I am on if I could stop drinking alcohol. I am a highly functioning alcoholic. I work as a Paramedic for a busy Fire Dept. Just always full of anxiety and depression. I am super introverted, but was. Ever like that as a child. Anyways, just joined and wanted to say hello.

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Hi ive have anxiety and depression been bad over the hols. Currently take citalopram 20mg its helped mood but not the anxiety. I tend to worry about everything makes me feel so low. Hope you get some comfort from this forum.

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Hello and welcome ☺ I can relate so much and if you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here. 👍


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