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Anxiety turning to depression

I’ve alway have had anxiety issues, but as my anxiety is going away. I am starting to feel empty inside. Like I’m just a shell of the person I once was. The feeling of never being good enough for anyone has start to yell in my head, and I am losing any motivation I once had. I don’t want to harm myself, but I fear that one day those feelings too would change. I want to break out of this cocoon I’m in, and try to be happy with life again.

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Hi Miles12,

Mental health issues are notoriously complex. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Depression can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to depression.

While psychologists have a successful manual to diagnose your mental health issues, those manuals are simply guidelines for treatment – they're not gospel in terms of how you experience your emotional and psychological wellness.

With that in mind, many people experience more than one type of mental health disorder, often in different degrees. When someone has more than one mental health problem, it's known as "comorbidity," and by far the two most comorbid diagnoses are anxiety and depression.

A good article is from the Huffington Post on the subject at the link below


Because both anxiety and depression reinforce each other, the sooner you start your treatments, the sooner you can recover. Talking to your doctor about the changes you have noticed in yourself and getting a referral to a therapist should be your first step.

Wishing you all the best


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