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I have to call out of work AGAIN!!

I'm so mad and angry with myself at the moment. I didn't give myself enough time to ask for carfare to get to work, which is an issue for me in itself, so now I have to call out. I just called out Saturday. Now this point will count against my absences. It's a seasonal position but I was trying to make a good impression that I may be among one of the workers that they keep. But this not looking good for me. And of course who I asked for the carfare made me feel worse; "don't you have to go to work? Um yes, that's why I'm asking. "You should of asked me earlier". A vicious cycle because she sees me go from job to job. But honestly forget what she thinks I'm just worried about my position. Stuff like this makes me think, why bother. Just go to my Psych doc and ask her if I can be exempt from working for a few months. The only thing about that is I need to move from where I'm staying so no job no place. Uh I swear, you do your best with these illnesses and it's still a brick thrown at you.

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Hi Where_is_normal

I hear you about the struggles to get to work. Sometimes it's like wading through quick sand.

Keep on doing the best you can and don't beat up on yourself when you don't make it.

You carfare person may have been right about asking for a ride earlier. We don't often see things from the other person's point of view so it feels the other is just being mean or unreasonable. Perhaps you can schedule in some of rides with the person to release the pressure.

Have you thought about joining a support group for your illness or contacting your local mental health authority? Often these organizations have social workers attached to them who can assist you with housing and transport and other needs you might have.

Wishing you all the best for 2018!

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Thanks blackcat64013. Yea I should of asked earlier for it but I didn't really want her in my business because I get sick of hearing about my job issues from her. She's my soon to be ex mom n law. I had needed the carfare for gas and toll to my job. It's over now I already called out so it's nothing I can do now but go tomorrow, where I can use my soon to be ex car because he filled up his tank so he can get to his jobs but didn't have enough to fill mine (he's broke long story). That a story in itself. I don't like how he treat my jobs like they not important enough. That's another long story and that's one reason why we're divorcing. Anyhoo I had joined a depression support group ten years ago and it was the worst experience ever. There are organizations that will help with housing but you have to be homeless or in a shelter. Plus since I'm still married they will look at his income and say I'm not qualified. But I will contact my psych doc tomorrow and social worker to see what they can help with. Thanks.

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