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I so desperately want to find and be able to hold down a job that I’m passionate about. The past 4 years I’ve had various jobs whereby I’m excited to start off with and then 2 months down the line the tears start I lose interest can’t cope with people and then walk away. I can’t spend 2018 sitting in my house watching tv and pottering about. I need to focus on something. I need a purpose. I love helping vulnerable people and if I can make someone smile it makes me feel satisfied. Easier said than done I know. Life is passing me by. I’m constantly searching. So much I want to do but my confidence is beating me. I feel like I am a bomb waiting to explode most days. Anyone else feel like this?

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Hi I do know most people never find a job they are passionate about as that is a big ask. I think most of those who do have trained for their dream job rather than hoping to stumble across it. I was always an office worker which I quite liked and concentrated my efforts on my social life outside of work. The job paid for my private life.

If you want to work with vulnerable people have a look at what type of work you would want and whether you would need training and if so what.

It does seem to me that you have some social anxiety? Do you think you do and are you tackling this? x


Hi Hypercat 54. Thank you for replying. I’ve always had office based jobs. It’s all I know. I have a massive heart I’m a big softie and my people skills are or should I say were very good. Unfortunately the last few years I’ve not coped well with people I work with. Maybe you’re right I do have social anxiety. It’s a huge effort for me to maintain a conversation and hide how I’m feeling. I volunteer one day a week at the moment which is good for me. My last job was working for a charity. As well as office work I got involved in support work for the elderly which for me was a worthwhile role. In the end I couldn’t cope with my co workers and left the job. Not sure how I’m going to get over this hurdle and get back to some form of normality.


I recommend a book called "Do What You Are." It has a personality test in it and then suggests careers that match it. The idea is to get a job that's a good fit. Here's a link to the original edition that you can buy used for very little, but it's been updated since then to talk about e-careers, so you may want to check out newer editions, too. It's the best book I've come across on this topic. It helped me a lot when I was asking myself the same questions.


Best of luck to you in finding a job you're happy with!

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Thank you Windy101.


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