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I feel like I am in a constant circle of not having a voice or individuality. I’m done fighting for me I no longer have hope. I have no one to talk to my husband and family just use and abuse me and i can’t take it and to make it worse I have to go to the city today and spend time with my husbands family so the in laws. So yet another person that knows how to make me feel worthless. I don’t have any friends Bc my husband doesn’t let me go out without him and that affects everyone

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I'm so sorry you are having a tough time. It does sound like your husband might be abusive considering his controlling behavior. I know its tough to walk away but maybe walking away will be best. Natural human nature is to need others, however you will also be okay walking away from toxic people. You are strong and you can find others who are willing to add positivity to your life instead of making you feel terrible about yourself. I know its hard to hold on to hope, but things can get better. stay strong.

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Hey its ok i can understand you , did you try talking to him seeing how he reacts once you talk to him?


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