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so im lying in bed scrolling thru apps and suddenly i have some hiccups in my breathing i try to relax but then it feels like my heart is too slow. my brain is convincing me that this is it, im dying. im tired and my breathing/ heart rate is slow so i must be dying right? i hate the dumb things anxiety makes me think and feel. im scared to close my eyes right now and go to sleep.

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tiredbbygirl, how about thinking of it as your body is preparing itself for sleep and rest. You are not dying, it is your mind playing these vicious game. Don't allow it to ruin the setting for a quiet restful sleep soon to come. You are safe. You can trust your body. It knows what to do when you do doze off. It will not let you down. Put your cell down, get comfortable in bed, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Close your eyes and enjoy the peaceful feeling come over you. It's time for your body to regenerate. For you to find that respite in sleep. Do not be afraid, your body is in control and will not let you down. Goodnight tiredbbygirl :) xx Sweet Dreams


wow thank you it calmed me down a bit


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