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2 nights ago.. I was somewhat pouring out my feelings to my mother. I say somewhat b/c i kinda get choked up a bit w/o crying or getting angry when presenting any of my emotions to her... or anyone in my family for that matter. I don't know...i don't exactly give them the 100%. Anyway..after stating my reasons (somewhat) for wanting to do online school rather then continuing in person college.. she told me that she sees me alone. I feel like i will only get more depressed if i stay in school. I feel like being in the environment of people that treat me the way i have been for all my life as an introverted, anxious and depressed person.. ill only get worse. I strongly believe that i need to separate myself to work on me, or do online school. She thinks that staying for 1 more year will help me not be anti-social and learn how to work with people etc... I know how to talk/work with people if need be. I just have always been put in a place full of bullies and people who don't want to have anything to do with me when they don't know me...but then she sees me being alone and stuck in my room if i do online school and my future in general will be lonesome. she's said it once when i was younger(18 now) that i am going to be lonely and cold hearted with no friends after something i said in an argument or how i acted or whatever.. i just don't know how to feel anymore. It's adding more fuel to my fire.. as i constantly feel the need to throw up everyday and my head hurts -.-... why does everyone in life "feel sorry for" me etc..

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Hi, telling you that you will be lonely and all alone does not help you with confidence. But personally I think locking yourself away so to speak is not a good idea. I know it is easier than dealing with others, I hope college can lead you to the correct type of people who will like you for who you are and treat you with respect. Give it some thought before quitting to just do online classes. Take care, hope all works out for you.

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