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i woke up this morning feeling like i could conquer the world i did yoga and felt great! then i went out with my mum and halfway thru shopping i had a episode of idek what. i got hit with nauseousness and pain in my lower abdomen, i felt weak, shaky and all together crappy. usually my panic attacks dont feel like this and idk if something is actually wrong or if im just experiencing new symptoms :( anyway fast forward to now and my chest has been tight so im trying to take deep breaths and calm myself down. anyone have experience with this? or any input? it would help please im nervous.

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Anxiety is evil. It’s symptoms are ever changing and often mimic very serious illnesses. It also affects every single aspect of your body. From major organs to your skin. Gastrointestinal problems are very very common. Had you eaten well. Not eating can also cause those or eating something unhealthy. How long did it last? The pain causing anxiety can definitely exacerbate the chest pain, abdominal pain, nausea etc. I get random pains all the time. I just try to ignore as able and see if it worsens etc, Usually if I just ignore it and focus on something else it goes away. Just keep living and if it goes away you’re good. Try not to think about it and do something else as able. Obviously if it worsens or symptoms continue for long periods with no relief you may want to get a check up. I always encourage people to note all new symptoms or problems, day/time, activity at onset and duration to discuss with your doctor at next appointment that you are concerned about. Best of luck

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