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Tough times

So Im going through some personal stuff that is becoming more and more real. It's unfair and I think of how my husband must be feeling and it makes me feel worse I wish I could take his pain away. Were not able to be together at the moment and it will be that way for a while and soon we won't even be able to talk for a bit. Notbecause of anything wrong between us it's because of a huge obstacle that we have come across. You could say we pretty much don't have the choice to be physically together but emotionally from a distance we are there for eachother. I love him so much my best friend and it's like im losing him although im not. This will be a long and tough journey ahead of us. When I think about it It breaks me. I know it's hard to understand because im not giving the full situation but it's all i can say at the moment.

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I hear you M1601, the reason you are apart isn't as important as how you are still together emotionally. Love between 2 people can be just as strong if not stronger while being apart as being together. You seem to have a strong connection with your husband that will see you through. I'm sure it will be very difficult for both of you but stay strong. Stay strong for yourself so that you can be strong for him.

How lucky you are to have a best friend in your husband as well as having such a strong emotional tie that nothing can break. We are here to support you through your tough times. No need to say any more, I can feel your pain. Remember we all care about each other through good and bad times. You are not alone. xx

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Thank you Im trying to stay strong for him your right tge emotional connection is very important and strong but you know those moment's where you just need a hug, a good face to face convo, to see a smile or a laugh on their face. Those moment's we won't have for a while and it sucks. But thank you I will try my best to stay strong.

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