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Taking Chances

Well my fight with insomnia seems to be getting somewhere. I'm beginning to get more sleep and peace of mind. However it takes a lot to distract my mind from negative thoughts. I'm so wired to pessimism, but I know that if I want a happier life I have to let go of my ego. I have to do that which I'm afraid. This means doing things differently and putting others before myself. In this dark days I have found many people who are pushing me back into the light. I have found new doors and reopened old friendships. I have found a new purpose and way of thinking. I can choose to take a leap of faith and go with what I know is the better path. Or I can go back in circles to the road of isolation and destruction. I choose to take a chance and give up my old life for a new one. I choose a life full of family, friends, and laughter over a selfish lonely one. Life starts now.

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What a positive attitude! And well written! I wish you all the best!


That is wonderful! I am so happy for you. It is so hard to get out of the habbitof negative thinking, i atrugfle with this too. Each day is a new day and a new chance. ❤


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