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Some hope please

Will this dark cloud pass by me like time is..Will these negative self talks be replaced with positive thoughts..Will this idleness be replaced with the energy I was once had..Will my sadness be replaced with happiness ..Will I find myself now that I'm lost..I am 100 percent opposite to what I was..Im depleted..self destructive..I can't get out of this depression and anxiety..its been too long...Im losing hope..

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Keep in mind that you USED to be how you want. And keep in mind that this negative you isn't the real you. I went through a particularly lengthy depression last year. I felt like i would never get back to the energetic person i was. But after switching jobs enough, and returning to the kind of work i had originally gotten in to, i finally feel a little better. My anxiety still kicks my ass sometimes. I still feel isolated and alone very often. But my job gives me a sense of satisfaction. You deserve that, everyone does. I guess what I'm trying to say is, get back to your roots. Get back into the things you may have left behind.

Best of luck friend

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Thank you..The way I was before got me to this point..now I just don't know what to do to get out of it..I don't want to do what I did before..it may have made me happy but it got me nowhere exept where I am now..I have no idea how to move forward and out of this misery..


If you’ve had a happy full life and now you are depressed

At least you know you can feel good. Talk with a good therapist and pray that God give you the courage and strength to get to that happy person.

Btw, we all have down days so it will come and go but hold on and find the person you know is there :)


I pray everyday..I agree with down days but not down for years..I will hold on..thank you for your support..All the best to you.


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