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Scared out my witts health anxiety help


Hi guys had abdominal kinda pain for a while now and had a scan today and the nurse said I have a small fluid like blister on my left ovary my health anxiety has shot straight through the roof now im panicking thinking ive git cancer I knoe I sound selfish the nurse said it looks like nothing to worry about but thats all ive done is worry about it now im feel physically sick I cant keep off the toilet im shaking literally burning up to where my face is red raw I know im doin this to myself but im a mess any advice will help

Love nat xx

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There is no point in worrying. Take a deep breath in and out, say this to your subconscious mind... "thank you for keeping me safe but right now I need you to back away for awhile and help me to keep calm. I promise you I have control over this and you needn't worry." While you say this to yourself breathe in and out 10 times until your breathing returns to normal.

Trust in the nurse. You are not going to die. If anything else needs to happen you will find out when you have all the information but until then there is no point in worrying about maybes.

You will be ok.

Thanks so much for your reply but with me having health anxiety its shot through the roof at the moment im trying to think positive but my minds just not having it at the minute

Thanks loads


I'm not asking you to think positive I'm asking you to talk to that part of your brain that is creating an inappropriate emotional state for see it thinks it's helping you but it's not...but the subconscious brain reacts to certain types of language...I'm just asking you to talk to ridiculous as it may sound. I have lived with health anxiety my whole life so I know what it's like.


Im doing it now thanks it just keeps making me panic at the minute im shaking my foot I feek sick I even been sick and now because I have been sick im thinking the worse yet again....this is a horrible cycle I feel so exhausted because of being so tensed its great I have someonr who understands me xx

Nat xx

Do you believe yourself to be a panicked person? Your internal language probably says choose to not be.

I always said to myself, this has to stop because I am not an anxious person and so...I am not an anxious person, thank you, subconscious mind, for protecting me but I have this, I am in control and you can ease off now, I am not an anxious person and I am not afraid, I am calm now and relaxed, I become more relaxed with each breath in....and out...I am not an anxious person...repeat.

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I wonder if that’s what I have been back and forth to docs with headaches feels like slight pressure and dizziness as if theirs no blood flowing properly slight chest pain etc gave me propranolol started first one yesterday felt fine but this head feeling has got me

So worries today a can’t settle keep thinking it’s summit really bad it’s getting on top of me now controlling my life

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It's awful to have this you feel locked in your own head and you can't get out I always think the worst but according to my psyche she said it's my anxiety telling me that's what it is but it's really just a thought but it's horrible to live with it seems to take over your whole life it's not very nice


Fluid cysts on the ovaries are so common it's almost a normal finding, many come and go without issues. I've had cysts all my life and the current one has been there for about 15 years. I just have an annual scan to monitor it.

The docs may want to keep an eye on it or test further but in all likelihood it's nothing to worry about.

Thanks loads for this just panicky at the minute thinking the worst lime you bith say try not to worry

Nat xx

So sorry you are struggling with anxiety over your health.

I’ve had cysts on my ovaries since I was young. Try and trust in the nurse. She’s probably seen this many times.

I understand your racing mind, but try to focus on your breathing, and calming yourself.

Wishing you well.

Thanks guys means a lot I've woke up at 5am anxious it woke me up...😢😢 now I'm shaking about it all hot sweats my bp through the roof restlessness feet constantly going just so wish I didn't have this it's so scary going to do what TruthSi72 said

Nat x


How are you?


Hi si TruthSi72 thanks for asking been abit calmer today had to go drs for my results ive got a fluid cyst the hospital arent worried cause apparently its not filled with stuff it shouldnt be but it still worrys you dont it when you have health anxiety because you always think the worst dont ya no matter what people say to you I hope I can beat this once and for all one day its evil to live with yet its me doing it to myself

Thanks si

Nat x

You will beat it because you can and you will now because you said you would.


believe me , i understand the throes of angst... it simply horrid ..........

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