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Social Media Poison

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Does anyone else, think social media is poison to our minds? Scrolling, clicking, looking. Is every damn person this perfect? Looking at these perfect women, their slim bodies that are curvy in all the places. Perfect skin, hair, teeth. Huge breasts, bums, lips. Why the f, can't I take a picture like that? And for the love of God, do they REALLY look like that? If so, why don't I? What does my boyfriend think when he scrolls through his feed? Does he wish I was like these women? Why is he always on his phone?

Why can't everyone just forget social media and go back to living in real time? Making real conversation, with real people. Making real memories, instead of knowing people through an image they create online through pictures, and statements.

These are the thoughts that fill my head and consume my mind on a daily basis. I am so hard on myself, and It is hard to stop. I know "everyone is beautiful" and it is important to "love yourself for who you are". But it is easier said than done. I spend hours researching plastic surgery, trying to find the funds, exercising till I am exhausted, and doing everything I can to be "perfect"; even knowing it is unrealistic and unattainable, not only for me but for anybody. Even knowing this, that perfection is a myth, I find it absolutely crushing.

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I absolutely relate to this. I actually work in social media and it’s absolutely exacerbating my mental illness. I was raped 3 years ago and every time I see a post about sexual harassment/abuse/etc etc it triggers me and I often have panic attacks. Sometime multiple times a day. I’m finally being open to considering other career paths but, I feel absolutely trapped. If you have the option, try deleting these social apps off your phone! The less convenient it is to check them, the less you’ll probably look at them. Or try downloading a constructive app. I have this drawing app that I use when I want to be “on my phone” but not on social media. I hope you find some balance and boundaries for yourself! Social media can be devastating and empty, but know that you don’t have to look at it!

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AllisonO in reply to comb

I am so sorry you were raped, that is devastating and happens to far too many people. That is a good idea, I should find a new app that I go to instead or even consider deleting my social media accounts. My heart goes out to you for all that you have been through and for dealing with your occupation, thank you for your support <3

Starting to believe that. Half wits verbally masturbating behind the keyboard in their own dominion is ego driven nonsense. Making a post is like hollering into a hallway closet and shutting the door. Living in REAL TIME and in the present is what matters. Most of it is drivel.

EXACTLY. thank you. I completely agree and it drives me insane. Appreciate your response

I gave up social media over the summer and definitely don’t regret it! It was hard at first but the right decision for me

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AllisonO in reply to beachy7

I am strongly considering it, not sure why I feel so attached to something so silly? It really is an addiction. Ugh, so unfortunate.

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beachy7 in reply to AllisonO

I didn’t plan to quit for this long it just sort of happened and I don’t miss it. I think if you need a break take one ;doesn’t have to be permanent. It was hard for the first two days then I got used to it and made a decision for now that I don’t want it back.

Finding out about people that I grew up with passed away or being really depressed or sick on Facebook really upset me.

I wish it was more of a positive outlet for people but even the ads were depressing.

It was affecting me and I don’t realize it until I took a break.

I've been thinking of quitting social media all together. I got off Facebook a long time ago but I find myself checking Instagram the moment I wake up. A lot of the same thoughts you have run through my head. I think it's important to realize that all of these pictures are staged. They aren't just taking these pictures with their iPhones they have extra lights, editing software and people to get the right angle for them. Does it still suck to see them when you're scrolling, yes, but you have try and be better for yourself not anyone else. Which I get is way harder to do than to say. A lot of us are on the same boat.

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AllisonO in reply to SGonzalez

I too got off facebook, but have an instagram that I check the second I wake up as well. Thank you for making me feel less alone! Even though the pictures are edited, it is hard to remember sometimes. When everyone is looking at that, it just makes ya feel sub-par sometimes. Thanks for the reminder :)

A lot of the time I feel like social media should’ve never been created it makes people’s self esteem issues worse and social skills! I don’t have a Facebook and barely use my snap chat or Instagram and I don’t follow people who I feel like I’ll constantly compare myself to. I feel better out in the real world with real people but everyone always tends to be in their phones. And obsessed with selfies and how many likes they get. I miss the days people actually talked to each other. Instead of me talking to someone and they’re basically ignoring me looking at their phones...

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AllisonO in reply to Ashley228

I agree, I hate when people ignore me when I am talking and look at their phones! It is something that really bugs me. I don't have a facebook either...but instagram still gets me going. Something I suppose we will just learn to get past!

Try words with friends if you need a phone distraction or a game.. I have a love-hate relationship with Words With Friends!!!

I cannot leave it because I need it for work. I have taken good steps to avoid it. I contacted family and friends and warned them that I was unfriending everyone and to communicate in more traditional ways. I also removed all social media from my phone.

It is weird, but I feel so much better! The triggers were just too great and I had to put myself first.

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AllisonO in reply to artsyfartsy

I need to do the same thing! I am so glad I'm not the only person who has felt this way. Thanks for your input :)

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