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Here we go again


Hi everyone,

I’m here to tell you it IS possible to beat anxiety and live a normal life. I did for many years and honestly thought the battle was over. I overcame huge losses and traumas in my life so I KNOW it is possible .I even helped my fiancé make a lot of progress with it.

Unfortunately, some events occurred in my life in the past year that were very traumatic and sad. I am trying so hard to get back to where I was but I know it’s going to take hard work.

I have learned that educating myself about anxiety has been so reassuring and one of the key tools I have used in the past to get control of it. Books, workbooks and the internet. It helps so much to know I’m not crazy and this condition is more common than people think.

Anxiety can be so isolating. I have a full

Time job a fiancé and step kids but I feel totally alone when it gets a hold of me. It’s exhausting and relentless sometimes.

I hope that I can find support here and hopefully thru my experiences help some else....

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That gave me hope....thank you. 🙏🏼

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I know it’s possible 👍😊❤️

Yeah I know what you mean as IVs been simplair as ya..why don't you both have a good talk about what you are feeling etc?? Xx

I struggle pretty much daily now with anxiety feelings of being on edge afraid of going crazy and afraid of getting the thoughts go in circles as I’m sure you guys know what that’s like it’s really hard to get yourself out of it and not feel the shaking and the feeling of intense fear. On top of that I’m pretty sure I know what triggered this to start again in my life but I feel like talking about it makes it worse

Ohhh sweetie I know what your talking about besides dealing with the anxiety bipolar depression I too have a full time job a bf who has two daughters which considered are my step kids since we live together.

Not to mention that my bf has had traumatic spinal injuries before I had met him and he is lucky to be alive but with the extensive spinal surgeries he’s had he is lucky that he isn’t paralyzed from neck down. Literally a miracle, but like I said he does have lots of permanent damages which affect him a lot but also affects everyone around him.

I do a lot on my part with his kids and I’m not even engaged to him yet but being that I been around for 5 years just about half of these girls’ life already they consider me their step mom. Ages 9 & 11 and I don’t have any kids of my own so it tends to get overwhelming at times and my anxiety gets triggered luckily my meds got my moods stabilized cause it would get to a point where I was very irritated at times, bitchy, or just depressed where I would just go to work come home and go to the bedroom and just stay there not wanting to be bothered by anyone of them all 3 him and the kids. I would cook only cause they had to eat just cause I didn’t have an appetite didn’t mean that they weren’t hungry.

But I gotten better got the help I needed and taking day by day.

Basically just letting you know your not alone and basically walking in the same shoes as you are just a different path.

Walking a different path or surfing a different wave as my psychologist used to say. There are periods where there is calm, the wave builds up, crashes over you and dumps you or you are surfing on top of it, all the way to the beach :)

I know everyone here has a different story.. thanks for sharing yours. It’s not easy to keep going when your dealing with anxiety👍👏

Could you share some of your ways you dealt with the anxiety? I'd love to be successful and overcome mine x

My mission to overcome anxiety was a daily commitment. I am a Christian so my days started by reading a devotion and journaling what negative thoughts were gripping me and I prayed...

A lot. Throughout the day I would read different things that helped me - sometimes reading about the symptoms of anxiety disorder was reassuring because I knew I wasn’t going crazy and that was my biggest fear then.

I also found that people affirming me was very comforting. I started sharing with people I trusted more about the traumas I had endured and somehow that strengthened me also. When I wrote down my hard times in a journal from a survivors perspective I was able to see how blessed I was to get thru those things and realized nothing was going to take me down.

I respect that people have their own religions, faith. believe in science or nothing at all . I would never force my beliefs on someone. To be completely honest, if what I believe wasn’t real there’s is NO way I could’ve gotten thru. I know that.

Other things that helped me were

Being out in nature ( I LOVE the beach)

Being creative ( something that didn’t come naturally right away) I did this thru writing, cooking, decorating my house, little things

Being thankful

Reading Gods word

Staying Away from negative people, I had to end a couple of toxic friendships

I hope something I shared helps you 🙏🏻

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Thank you so much for sharing your coping skills.

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Yes! Prayers helps me too! JESUS LOVES US ALL 💟🙏

Thank you, SO MUCH. This post just made all the difference in my day. I love to hear from someone that it is possible to overcome these feelings. I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to you, and hoping your rough patch is only very brief <3 Stay strong and like before, I am confident you will get through this. Best wishes

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m speaking from experience; it CAN be done. You just have to reprogram your mind and it’s amazing when it works but, it does take time. I’m definitely recommitting myself to overcoming it one thought at a time and reminding myself that all the effort that I put in to worry can really pay off in my recovery. BEST WISHES you too

WE CAN ALL DO THIS!!! Surrender and faith!!

I'm not religious, but I am spiritual. I have to say that prayer has made the most difference in both my mental health and absolute miracles in my life.

One thing that's very affirming is that I happen to live near several churches, and one of them plays bells from its tower at different times of the day. It always feels like a blessing that everything will be okay.

Thank you for your post - you remind my how important my faith is, and that I need to get back to practicing it.

I'm sorry for your recent traumas, but from what you've written, I'm confident that you will be back on track. It sounds like you know exactly what you need to do.

Best wishes to you and please continue to post both to give and receive support!

Thank you❤️I find so much strength in encouraging other people and trusting in someone greater than me to be in control of my life. It’s really all about control and to let go we all need to build our faith to believe in good things instead of believing the dread anxiety causes us.

I see blessings when I look back on my darkest moments but I think my body and mind react AFTER I go thru it ( been diagnosed with PTSD).

So now I feel the feelings still attached to the panic... even tho my mind knows better.

The old “tapes” are still buried in my mind and I’m fighting the replays that come with the PTSD.

I know that it will get better and I’m so glad I found this group.

Thank you all for caring and responding

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