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New here, how do you deal with health anxiety?

Hey guys,

5 months ago my anxiety turned into hypochondria due to an indigestion (Dublin food is amazing but too fat for my stomach) that got me into ER due to panicking that it might be something worse. It was pretty much the start of countless trips to the ER due to chest pains (I was rolling on the floor due to those), back pain, stomach pain, headaches and so on.

Went to countless doctors... just to sum it up:

- visited a cardiologist 3 months ago who went full sherlock with Doppler ecography, 24 hours ECG, stress test, everything is normal.

- visited a neurologist, again, the only thing that was weird was an arachnoid cyst that I got at birth. No cause of headaches

- visited a gastroenterologist - again full investigation, the only thing is acid reflux, changed my lifestyle a bit

- visited a endocrinologist - only Vitamin D deficiency, otherwise all good under the sun.

Lastly, visited my doctor again and she went with the general anxiety disorder diagnostic and referred me to a therapist.

I know it's only that, my analysis prove it so, however I'm still scared that I might get a heart attack (even though I'm only 24 and my only risk factor is smoking) or another... heavy disease let's say. How do you guys manage to find a solid ground to help you overcome hypochondria?

I'm trying to use CBT, started exercising (still scared because of those chest pains), planning to stop smoking (only 10 cigs/day now, compared to the 2 packs I used to smoke before) but for now I feel even worse than before and... scared. The only thing that got me happy today is that I didn't call an ambulance because of my chest and abdominal pain.

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I have the same and live in constant fear but with the heart I can tell you start exercising it helps and I personally have yet to have a heart attack even though I feel like it all the time I just trust that the test the heart doctors did would have found something if there was anything wrong you are just having symptoms of anxiety and exercise will help wish I had more for you than that but I am still searching for a way to combat this horrible anxiety. Take magnesium as well as that helps with my heart.

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I don't know what to tell you other than this: the single best thing you can do for your health is to quit smoking.

You will feel so much better, and your lungs will start healing very quickly. You might want to look up some pictures of lungs before and after quitting smoking.

Your sense of smell will come back, you'll have more energy, and you will save a heck of a lot of money.

I used to smoke and quit when I got pregnant. When I did, I realized that my whole house stunk, not just like cigarettes, but like my dog! It was pretty disgusting.

The smoke smell was in my hair, in my clothes, and perfume and mouthwash could not cover it up.

You will also avoid smoker's cough and that deep, rasping voice that smokers get.

Even if you just smoke outside, if you're really worried about your health, this is something you can control and a huge, positive change to make. It will also show doctors that you are serious about your health and willing to do your part to get better.

You've cut down to 10 cigarettes; now, get rid of them. Picture yourself as a non-smoker. See it in your mind. You will breath fresh air so much better, and who knows? Maybe you chest pains will get better; it could happen.

Best wishes to you for great health in 2018.


Thanks so much for your positive words, I honestly didn't think about it like that. I usually smoke when I'm in full panic mode to help me relax and that's why it seems so hard for me to quit. Also it's really hard to go cold turkey after 9 years of smoking and one of my friends suggested vaping as an alternative.

Maybe, if I take the battle on the both ends (dealing with panic attacks and quit smoking) everything will turn out to be fine. At the moment I'm not on any sort of anxiety medication, just Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B since my doc recommended them.

Best wishes to you also and best of luck in 2018. :)


You can always slowly cut back. Make it 9 cigarettes for 3 days. Then 8 for 3 days. Then 7 for three days. And so on. When you're done, you can get one of those vapor cigarettes if you want, but check first to make sure that they are harmless.

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